A different type of couple

the base line magazine

by Analissa Hurtado.

Every couple has their battles to overcome, but for some it is more complicated. For many years society has considered the ideal couple as a man and women. Couples of the same sex  have had struggles with society. Growing up in a catholic based house hold, we were taught that relationships were between a man and a woman, and that God looks down upon people who do not comply.

For my aunt Janette and her fiancé Melissa, there have been certain boundaries and obstacles that have shaped and changed their lives. Whether it is withholding the truth about their relationship, changing behavior for the sake of the public,  hurdles that come with having a same sex marriage burdened their lives every day. I personally believe that a relationship whether between a man or woman, man or man, or woman and woman, is acceptable as long as there is mutual…

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